Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hamilton Loomis - Live in England

Hamilton Loomis’ association with Bo Diddley has certainly been a promotional boon to his career, and while he often honors Diddley in performances and recordings, he is not an imitator. In addition to the overt homage, “Who Do You Love Medley,” during which he plays a signed Bo Diddley box guitar, Loomis incorporates Diddley’s signature beat into several songs (“Best Worst Day,” “Get My Blues On,” “Turnin’ Heads”). But, don’t expect a Diddley clone when you listen to Loomis’ modernized blues/rock/funk mix. Unlike the static harmony and rhythm often used by Diddley, Loomis employs richer, modulating harmonies, catchy, chromatic bluesy riffs and a complex rhythmic structure...MORE

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