Monday, February 22, 2010

Jordyn Jackson - September in the Garden

Although September in the Garden (so-named for the Garden District of New Orleans where she lived and recorded the album during September 2009) is her 5th recording project, 25 year old Jordyn Jackson is a relative newcomer, especially to the jazz vocal genre. Ms. Jackson has paid her dues over the past 12 years, endeavoring to gain recognition by taking advantage of any opportunity to perform, putting out a couple of recordings of original songs 6-8 years ago, and then two more albums as a member of “Veronica’s Veil” in partnership with Randy Winter (brother of Ronnie Winter of alt-rock “The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus”). The decision to make this album of 10 well-known songs was based on the desire to create a showcase for spotlighting the scope of her vocal abilities...MORE

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